I’m not the only one with this idea! At least 24 states in America are already using a primitive form of this idea. Switzerland already uses this idea. The ancient Greek city-state of Athens used a non-electronic form of this idea. Some companies are using an internalized version of this system because it gets positive results.

Here’s a bunch of other reading material concerning democracy 2.0 and the problem with using political coups to transfer power:

What is Direct Digital Democracy?

A New Political System as a real Democratic Revolution

The closest existing system to democracy 2.0 is Direct Congress. Like me, they need money and programmers.

Digital democracy is working to put the governing power specifically in the hands of under-represented minorities.

People Count is a new way for politicians to gauge public sentiment in order to cater their decision making to their constituents. The people get heard and the politicians know what to do to get people to vote for them.

The Online Party of Canada is Canada’s take on digital direct democracy and has been in action since 2010.

This guy’s youtube channel is full of quality ideas and his Road to World War III video shows why we need democracy 2.0 now. This is the video that got me thinking about a new system.

Think democracy 2.0 has it’s heart in the right place, but isn’t quite what you had in mind? Visit metagovernment and get your own movement out there or join someone else’s!