Soon this page will give you access to the D-2.0 app, the open source code for it, as well as pamphlets, fliers, or anything else an activist might need!

Here’s your first tool: a patent describing this idea.

Here’s your second tool: the decentralized decision making software known as adhocracy.

Here’s a flier:

Does anyone even use QR codes?

If you send me fliers, I’ll make them available here!

For now here’s a prototypical reddit system emulating the D-2.0 system. While the D-2.0 system does not exist yet, it will happen, and could easily be a modified version of programs that already exist. Some people have tried to make digital direct democracy systems already, but I believe we can do better. The main problem with them is that they are difficult to use. A useful D-2.0 system would be simple enough for a senior citizen to use.

Anyway if you are dissatisfied with the way society works right now and you don’t know where to direct your energy to fix it:

Step 1: Develop a democracy 2.0 website and smartphone app.

Step 2: Spread the idea of democracy 2.0 and get people to start using the D-2.0 system.

Step 3: Elect D-2.0 representatives to US government office via the democratic republic currently in place.

Step 4: Impeach any successfully elected D-2.0 representative who fails to deliver on the single campaign promise of executing legislation passed via the D-2.0 using the legal language of the US government. Immediately put someone in place who will.

There are many ways to help make this system a reality:

  • Artists! Use pictures, songs, and movies to disseminate this meme more rapidly and make it easier to digest. Hell, put up graffiti. If you want to use your art for a good cause instead of money, I would love to put anything you make on this site.
  • Programmers! Start coding your own version of the D-2.0 system, or help me using github.
  • Aspiring politicians/Salesmen/Extroverted people! Start running for office under this platform.
  • Journalists/Bloggers! Talk about this idea. Tell people how you would change the world using it.
  • Economists/Mathematicians! Send me verifiable numbers or graphs showing evidence that this system works.
  • Everyone! Explain this idea to people. And feel free to contact me:

So to recap, the plan of attack is this: 1) disseminate the meme, 2) garner public support, 3) run for office as a D-2.0 representative. When you demonstrate this system’s effectiveness, the popularity of the idea will snowball. I’m not proposing anything illegal (the existing powers that be may attempt to make this system illegal though). Simply run for office with the sole campaign promise of using the democracy 2.0 system to make decisions instead of your own brain and follow through. Running for office still means you need knowledge of the existing political system so you know how to manipulate it, you just channel the decision-making ability of society into a form recognizable by the existing legislation apparatus. Running for office also means you must be prepared to take on the responsibilities of a traditional leader.

Unlike other political ideas, those who embrace D-2.0 gain direct power over the environment. Under our current system, the traditional ways of grassroots organizing are signing a pledge to vote for a man tied to some political party or donating money to some organization. If you get someone to sign a pledge to elect the D-2.0 representative, that person is electing him or herself to be the person who proposes legislation.

Stop waiting for the chosen one to come along a fix all of society’s problems. Do it yourself!